Coteacher Training Sessions

Posted on May 24, 2011 by


TLG’s coteacher training seminars wrapped up today in Tbilisi, which was the last region to receive the training. By now, every TLG member (excluding those who are leaving the program in June) should have had the opportunity to attend one of these meetings.

I have to admit, I went into the meeting skeptical about the utility of a mere two-hour seminar, especially since I’ve already established my own working dynamic with my co-teachers. It turns out that the seminar actually had a lot of good information and was quite thought-provoking. Apparently the co-teaching techniques that a lot of us volunteers have been experimenting with are categorized and well-established, and having the advantages and disadvantages spelled out in black and white is making me consider adding new approaches to my repertoire.

Another benefit to the meeting was that we got to talk to our coteachers about coteaching methodology – a conversation that I personally haven’t had – and I think that having these methods presented in a non-impositional way will be useful in making my coteachers more receptive to different approaches and further conversations about different approaches.

And of course hearing from other volunteers and their coteachers about their experiences coteaching – and having everything presented in a polite, constructive, and positive light – was helpful and reassuring.

As I said in my evaluation, I think that even more specific guidance, perhaps in the form of some kind of practical exercise, or a demonstration of cooperative lesson planning and coteaching methods, would have also been helpful. And of course I’ve been here since September so it’s a pity we didn’t have this seminar months ago, but this coteaching seminar has now been added to TLG volunteer orientation and I believe this has already been implemented for the last three volunteer groups. It’s heartening to see these incremental improvements in the volunteer experience and I look forward to seeing what’s coming next from the TLG Academic team.

What did you think of your coteacher training?