Trial by Jury

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Last year, when I worked with the Georgian police, I heard from the legal staff that jury trials were going to be implemented in Georgia. According to this article, the first one is scheduled to being soon.

As the news mentions, jurors may find their unfamiliar positions difficult or uncomfortable. In my English classes at the Police Academy, we discussed the pros and cons of jury trials. My students brought up the fact that people in Georgia are so closely connected that if someone was on trial, it would be difficult to find 12 people who didn’t know that person; that everyone would be a distant cousin or something. I doubt that’s actually true, though.

Maybe this is my American worldview biasing me, but I think the right to trial by jury, and the adversarial system which accompanies jury trials in the US, really are far better than a magisterial system or other forms of unilateral inquiry. As many have said, “It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer.”

Anyway, the article’s worth a read; it also discusses unique challenges jurors, judges, and attorneys will face in sexual assault cases.

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