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As I was googling LOT to find out their baggage allowances (1 checked bag, 20kg/44lbs, 1 carry-on plus 1 handbag) I happened to notice an article about LOT in Georgia. According to the article, LOT sales in Georgia have tripled in the last year, owing in large part, I imagine, to LOT offering the cheapest flights to America of any airline operating out of Tbilisi. Apparently LOT is the oldest airline in Europe (operating since 1929 – who knew they even had airlines in 1929?) and ranks pretty well.

I fly out tonight, and I’ll try to put up some kind of review of the experience when I arrive in New York. So far I’ve flown Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, both of which were great, although Lufthansa was by far the better of the two.

Safe travels, everyone!

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