Best TLG Commercial Yet

Posted on December 21, 2011 by


There’s a new TLG ad out that I consider the best one yet. Basically it shows a single Georgian student (with bright red hair – not exactly usual for Georgians, but this helps the viewer to realize that we’re looking at the same person in each scene) growing from a child to an adult. As a child he has a TLG volunteer giving him lessons at home, then in the classroom we see the teacher holding the new English World Level 3 book, then as a teenager he talks to some tourists about a Pirosmani painting at a gallery, and then at the end the adult successfully concludes some business, in English, with some foreign businesspersons.

This is a simple, iconic, and powerful presentation of the argument for learning English – to promote Western tourism and business investment in Georgia. The use of Pirosmani was particularly clever, as it shows English-speakers learning about Georgian culture rather than Georgians adopting Western culture – a far more controversial proposition. The Ministry’s new initiatives – volunteers at host families, and the new Macmillan books – are prominently on display and their role is clear.

Finally, I should note that my Georgian isn’t quite good enough yet to understand everything the voice-over is saying, but it’s not even necessary – it’s totally clear to me exactly what the ad is presenting and why. That’s the biggest sign of a well-staged production I can think of.

Overall, I’d say this ad makes the case for the Ministry’s English program strongly and comprehensively.

Without further ado: