Happy Holidays!

Posted on December 30, 2011 by


In Georgia, the Holiday Season consists of Christmas, New Years, Orthodox Christmas, and Orthodox New Years. If you happen to be in Tbilisi during either New Years Eve – the 31st or the 13th – you can expect to hear fireworks exploding dangerously close to your house. Last January in Gldani the explosions were so loud and intense that I thought the Russians were attacking.

Last year we got a lovely gift bag courtesy of Georgia’s President. Rumor has it (by rumor I mean an official TLG email) that when we get back to Georgia this year, another such gift bag will be waiting for us. To be honest I regifted the chocolates last year – not that I didn’t want them, I just wanted my family in America to know how delicious Barambo Georgian chocolates are. The champagne became Mimosas for a Sunday brunch with some close TLG friends. Good times.

I’m rambling… anyway, whether you’re in Georgia or at home, celebrating no Christmases, or one Christmas, or two, I hope you’re having a lovely vacation from school!