Layover in Warsaw

Posted on January 11, 2012 by


I’m on my layover in Warsaw right now. Yeah, I know, I’m at a cafe in Warsaw and I’m working… what’s wrong with me?

Anyway, the city is nice. I just checked out Lazienkowski Park (take the 188 from the airport) and the Alije Ujazdowskie, and the neighborhood is strikingly similar to Central Park West – there’s a big park to the east of you, and lots of museums and really expensive restaurants scattered around, and a tree-lined walkway. But it’s a little nicer on the street than Manhattan and the parks are a little less nice than Central. Well, except the wildlife is amazing – I saw a peacock, a bunch of like, ravens, or something, and these really odd squirrels that, now that I think about it, were probably actually chipmunks. I know Georgians love to talk about their “beautiful nature” but the only nature you get in Tbilisi is stray dogs, most of which are visibly diseased, so Warsaw is a nice change on that front.

There’s an odd mix of the European and the Soviet here, but leaning more towards the European than Tbilisi. I walk down the streets and I think, “oh, so *this* is what Aghmeshenebeli Avenue is supposed to look like.” Outside the city center, though, there is a lot of that boring blocky architecture with its weird bright coloring, like Varketili but less shabby.

On the downside, the weather is damp, and cold, and everything is just a little depressing. I’ll be glad to be home in Vake where it’s always sunny except at night and even then you can see the giant flashlight of Gmirtas Moedani shouting the power of man up into the heavens. Man, I miss Georgia.

I’ll be there in a matter of hours, anyway. I imagine I’ll sleep for two days.

Anyway, Warsaw. My plan is to visit the Marie Curie museum, wander around Old Town (yeah, they have one here too) and hit up a mead restaurant. Mead, for those who don’t know, is like a delicious brewed honey-wine libation (actually I think the brewing process is closer to beer-making but I’ve never personally made mead, although some of my friends have and I might take it up, who knows?) and I’m going to gorge myself on it (but of course in moderation, can’t be drunk for my flight!).

I know that the January 15th group will be coming through here in a couple of days. Anyone else who has or had a layover in Warsaw, tell us your stories! Leave comments! Somebody talk to me, please!!!