Snow! Also, Power Outages!

Posted on January 22, 2012 by


It seems the recent spate of snow we’ve been having has caused some damage to power lines out in West Georgia. I don’t know why this story made the news on – presumably it impacts Georgia’s power company in some interesting way – but it’s always nice to see Georgia getting exposure in Western media.

Based on my short experience in Georgia of one and a half winters and counting, winter in Georgia doesn’t seem to really gear up until mid-January and then it lasts well into March. April is when it starts to become tolerably warm again. So all you skiers out there have plenty of time to hit the slopes in Mestia, Gudauri, or various other winter sporting destinations. By the time Easter vacation rolls around, it’ll be just warm enough to see the countryside, go camping or hiking, and generally have an awesome time shaking off the winter chill.

And hopefully the power will be back on at that point so the folks in Western Georgia with electric showers can clean up after all that exercise.