Georgian Climate Calendar

Posted on February 5, 2012 by


I know, I’m like, obsessed with the weather lately. It’s been snowing and then snowing some more, and then this last week it’s just been unusually cold. My friends in the mountains are talking about getting snowed in and having their pipes freezing over and there’s even been consideration of possibly having to ration the chacha!

If only we could have known that this cold snap would come and prepared in advance… but luckily, the Ministry of Education and Science just unveiled their new climate calendar. I know, right now you’re probably thinking, “wait, the Ministry of Education and Science also does Science? I thought they just did Education!” I was as shocked as you are. But in all seriousness, I had always wondered what kind of science the MES does since as TLGers we only ever really hear about or interact with the education aspect.

Also, I love living in a country where a government agency can openly admit to taking “the results of human impact on the environment” into consideration in its climate models. Back home the outcry would be immediate because science is a matter of politics rather than reality in the US… sad but true.

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