Snow! Also, Snow Days!

Posted on February 8, 2012 by


Okay, this is getting ridiculous. Snow is all I ever talk about these days. Oh, by the way – it’s snowing again.

So due to Georgia’s unusually snowy and cold winter (part of a plague of snowiness sweeping across Europe, apparently), the Ministry has officially declared that schools will be closed until Monday, February 13th. TLG tells us that at some point classes will be held on Saturdays to make up the missing time.

(As a side note, one thing I notice in all this coverage about Europe’s “deep freeze” is that there is a complete lack of the kind of histrionic and sensationalist coverage that snow always seems to get in America these days – no “Snowmageddon” or “Snowpocalypse” or whatever… just a steadily rising deathtoll going solemnly unmocked. To paraphrase Monty Python, “on second thought, let’s not go to America… it is a very silly place”).

I’m really excited about these snow days because they will give me time to study my Georgian and maybe cook up a pot or two of chili with the cumin I brought back from America.

What will you do with your snowdays?