TED Comes to Georgia

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For those of you unfamiliar with TED, do yourself a favor and take a moment to peruse their website.  TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design and touts itself as promoting “Ideas Worth Spreading.”  Recently, TEDx was created to give local communities a chance to organize TED events of their own.  Hundreds of such events have been organized and executed over the world on topics as diverse as “intolerance” in post-revolutionary Tunisia, “Time and Change” in Boulder Colorado, and now, “The Long View” in Tbilisi!

The event will take place all day long at Tbilisi State University on Saturday, February 11th.  The theme of the event is best described by the event organizers themselves:

The theme for TEDxTbilisi 2012 is The Long View; a perspective inspired by Tbilisi itself.  Tbilisi, a city with 1500+ years of recorded history, is currently going through a dynamic and exciting time of growth and change. 

New buildings, new shops, new ideas appear – seemingly on a daily basis.  

We wondered: How can one be consistently mindful of the perspective and lessons offered by a long view … when dealing with the immediate and short term day-to-day realities of building a company, a city, a country, a life?

To help find perspective, we set out to create an agenda for the first ever TEDxTbilisi that will perhaps open minds to new ways to find balance, or create links, between the far and the near of both time and place.  

The speakers we sought out are passionate about their ideas, and the topics they will present span a broad spectrum of issues that touch us all – language, arts, medicine, culture, and diplomacy to name just a few.

As we get closer to the day of the event, we will post the final agenda, with speakers and topics.

The wide range of speakers will discuss topics from anthropology to politics to film-making and will include such notable personalities as Katie Melua, the renowned Georgian singer; David Lordkipanidze, the anthropologist who discovered and identified Dmanisi Man (homo georgicus); and our very own Neal Zupancic, Official TLG Blogger and long-time volunteer. (For a full schedule of events, click here)

Neal will be discussing Georgia and the impact of Language Education and the Cultural Exchange between Georgia and the West that TLG has facilitated.  Though the event is closed, you will be able to watch it stream live on the TEDxTbilisi website.  Neal’s talk about TLG and culture will be around 4 pm on Saturday, February 11th.  If you cannot view the event live, fear not!  A video and transcript of the video will be posted on the TEDx website and on YouTube.

This lecture series will be a fascinating presentation of all sorts of topics relevant to Georgia specifically and I highly recommend tuning in!  I know I will be!

Raughley studied the history of the Caucasus at Georgetown and Stanford Universities and has been with TLG since August 2010.  He currently works as the TLG Social Media Coordinator and spends his precious little free time writing Raughley Goes to Georgia.