Tbilisi Makerspace

Posted on February 28, 2012 by


Just a quick update – some expats are creating a “makerspace” in Tbilisi – basically a collection of people who come together to create and develop various projects. They’re having a meeting on Wednesday (Feb 29) at 8:00 pm at the Gallery Cafe on Rustaveli (not Cafe Gallery on Perovskaya).

I personally will be going not just because of my interest in making things, but also as an opportunity to meet and network with other English speakers in Tbilisi who share my interests. As far as projects go, I’m thinking about making tools for English speakers to learn Georgian – maybe electronic flash cards, maybe a comprehensive grammar book that is modern and accessible and maybe even electronic and interactive.

Here are the directions:

“As you walk out of the Prospero’s ezo at 34 Rustaveli, turn left and walk towards Vera and Rustaveli Metro.

After Marco Polo and the stores that follow but before you cross a street, you will see it on the left set back from the street. It is officially on Griboedov Street.

If you pass the Academy of Sciences and the colonnade where they sell the souvenirs, you’ve gone too far.

Come up stairs we will be on the top floor. Bring a friend.”

And here’s the website:


If you have something you’d like to make, I hope I’ll see you there!