Georgia vs Russia- “GAU-MAR-JOS”

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Before you begin to read this blog post, I would like to clarify one thing. That “thing” being that I am a 100% proudly South African sports Fan!!! If you know what that means, then you will know that rugby, cricket and football (soccer) run through my blood! I need you to understand this, if you are going to understand the experience I had when I went to see the rugby match at Lokomotiv Stadium in Tbilisi between Georgia and Russia.

I had known about this rugby match since my orientation at the beginning of February, and the time had now come for me to re-visit my beloved rugby. Thus, the quest began to find these tickets. I was used to buying tickets online, getting them mailed or having a pick-up spot to collect them from. Knowing Georgia, you will now understand why I called it a quest, because I couldn’t find a single trace of where I could purchase these damn tickets!! Finally, a friend of mine in Rustavi who has a host brother studying at Tbilisi State University told me his host brother could buy the tickets for me….Yes, the rugby was on!!!

I had been so starved of any rugby that I was so excited and expected an epic battle, considering all the political connotations that were attached to this match, as much as they tried to play it down. I mean it’s Georgia and Russia were talking about here, c’mon! Anyway, I arrived at the match and I was welcomed by flags, drums, whistles, war cries and other awesome displays of fanatacism. I felt like I was back home in South Africa, the atmosphere, the buzz, the passion during the anthems, it was electric and I loved it….until they started playing rugby.

I had forgotten that this entire time I had been comparing Georgia to South Africa and that went as far as the quality of rugby too. The Georgian team is amazing considering the amount of time that they have been playing and I mean no insult but I was bored. I was bored simply because you have this team that is dominating the opponents that they face like Russia (whom they beat 46-0 btw), Spain, Romania etc. They should be facing much stronger teams, and yes they will be beaten pretty bad but they will continue to be improving. I am no rugby expert, just a guy who knows a better quality of rugby and feels like with the support that this Georgian team has, could do a lot better on a much bigger scale.

Point is, I sat there being told by the Georgian guys how powerful Georgia is and how good they are, and being this arrogant, proud sports fan, I had to grit my teeth and agree when all of me wanted to say “NO!, not better than South Africa’s Rugby team, hahahaha”. Childish, I know, but its the truth.

Overall, my rugby experience in Georgia was amazing!!! I loved the passion and intensity that the Georgian people display when supporting their sports teams, but most of all, I love the pride that they show when talking about their teams. No matter what sports fan you are, if you are a sports fan at all, then watching any sporting event in Georgia is worth it….just get to that stadium and shout war cries of GAU-MAR-JOS and SA-KART-VE-LO!!!!!………

It was filled with AWESOMENESS!!!!!

Live. Laugh. Love


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