A Love Story Was Told….

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Hopefully you will remember that I had posted about an English production that I was putting on for my school in Khashuri, and if you do remember, then this is the story of how it went….

Initially, this play performance was supposed to be held in mid-April, which would have been in line with the Georgian ‘day of love’ but in true Georgian style we postponed it on countless occasions and decided to hold it in May. We were ready with Romeo & Juliet, Beauty and the Beast, a monologue which I had written, poetry recitals, love quotes and love songs by various artists, we had all of this and let me tell you that it went great!!!

The biggest challenge was introducing English plays and Elizabethan poetry and having them pronounce it well enough for all the English speakers watching to understand. It was challenge that was met with great enthusiasm and motivation by the kids. I had decided to do this play with kids from Grades 8-11, that way their level of English was good enough to read and memorize what I had given them. Their passion for singing, acting and dancing could rival anything and anyone, not just only these kids from my own school, but all of Georgia.

I realised that these kids all just need a little more from us and a little push from us. They love having us here, they love our differences but they would love for us to make the effort to share it with them and in turn allow them to share their own differences and talents with us. The beauty of it all comes in when the two come together to produce something wonderful like this play. I had a lot of volunteer friends come and watch, and they all congratulated me on what I had done and so on, but when we really think about it, all I did was go on the internet, print out some dialogues, poems and songs. When we really think about it, I just put in a little more effort, nothing spectacular……these kids did the rest. Here are some pics:

Romeo & Juliet

Poetry Recitals

Beauty & the Beast(Albert and his three daughters.)

Beast (on the left) Albert begging after taking the rose.

Beauty crying over Beast

All the kids singing Disney’s Beauty and the Beast song.

KC(Caduceus21) with his co-teachers.

All the volunteers in Khashuri with their co-teachers.


I find it very difficult to write about the outcome and blog about it(I want to say more, I really do) because there really isn’t that much to say except that the performance was a huge success and if you have an English club, Poetry club or whatever club, put in that extra, these kids really want you to and they really want to share their talent with you. I say go beyond the clubs, encourage them to express their talents using the English language.

Live. Laugh. Love