Poetry vs Creme Brulee?

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My passion for the English language goes beyond teaching. I studied culinary arts in Switzerland, but always had an undeniable passion for language and literature. During my internship in Miami, FL, I decided to pursue my other dream and I tried my luck submitting a manuscript of my poetry. It got published! My book is called Live. Laugh. Love by Keorapetse Chakela. Now, I am not one of these pretentious people who wants you to know this and that about me, I am only given you this brief history so that you can understand why I you may see random posts of my poetry. It will all be inspired by Georgia in one way or another, and I choose to share it with you because it is what I love to do, and is the reason why I am here….

I love more than anything to read the stories of why people are here, why they chose to come here. We all have a story and I think they should be shared, from the funny to the inspiring to the sad….all should be shared.

This poem is about how these kids have re-ignited my love for language and writing…


Only words can awaken that which had fallen asleep through neglect and unconsciousness.

A fire burns inside me, keeping me awake deep in the night.

It will not let me forget these words which have been robbed of voice for so long,

these words that crave the eyes of those lost and without inspiration.

Alive again I feel!!!

My hands holding a pen as though it is a lover lost and found.

I cannot sleep, my mind cannot rest….

For those words pave the journey, the only road to a future that cannot be silenced

once more.

There can be no more silence, there can be no neglect…these are words I cannot ignore and cannot misplace.

Oh, how alive again I feel!!!

Awakened by my hearts desire, the intensity of the longing I had for poetry

And the undeniable inevitability which is my purpose.

By: Keorapetse Chakela

Live. Laugh. Love