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Dearest Readers,

It’s hard to believe that a semester has already come and gone and with it another school year is behind us!  But rather than dwelling on the past, we are already looking to the future!

This summer, we will be scaling back our standard blog output of one post per day and shifting over to our Summer Blog timeline.  We’re going to publish twice a week (On Tuesdays and Fridays) and you’ll still be hearing from our Guest Bloggers!  They’ll tell you all about reverse culture shock, things to do in Georgia in the summer, and trips they’re taking all around Europe and the Middle East!  We’re pretty excited because we know it’s going to be a real blast!

With that, we leave you with some parting thoughts and photographs from some of our Guest Bloggers.  These photos represent one of their most memorable/favorite moments in Georgia:

This was taken while hiking in Mtirala National Park, on what would prove to be the first perfect day of spring. I had just changed into my shorts and t-shirt, elated that spring had finally arrived in Georgia. Looking back at it now, I see myself ready, energized, and eager to embrace an true Georgian adventure. -Caitlin Smith

My host cousin, Giorgi, is attending a “wine university.” He took my host sister and I (the two of us on the lowest steps) to a wine festival in Tbilisi, and afterward, we and some friends went on an excursion to Narikala Fortress. This photo was taken at about halfway through our hike. -Amy Sandager (Photo credit: G. Tsiskarashvili)

Of all the places I have traveled in Georgia, Svaneti remains my uncontested favorite. This is me taking a celebratory swig of homemade Georgian wine after hiking up to The Cross above Mestia. -Mary Rodgers

I took this picture at the Green Monastery. This is what I felt like before I came to Georgia, but I now know that I wasn’t living my life before. I was just dying a little more everyday. -Philip Cornelison

“Those friends thou hast, and their adoption tried, Grapple them unto thy soul with hoops of steel.” -from Hamlet
My greatest memory of Georgia will always be the friends that I made here and the things that we saw, experienced and made it through together. -Brigid Weir

“Whether it be a filthy faux-dive bar or an over-priced euro-styled bistro, everybody who knows Tbilisi’s streets has got their favourite (that’s Canadian for “favorite”) spot. This one just happens to be mine.” -Kiyoshi Kadota

After trudging barefoot through the muddy forest and crossing the river-turned-landfill in sandals, my host brother and I finally reached the mountain stream water which trickled down through a rusty metal pipe. I lived in the village; getting dirty and walking through unknown substances were just a part of everyday life – simple, genuine everyday life. -Andrea Boyer

This is a photograph of my fourth grades students and me on an excursion to Jikheti. I chose this picture because it represents the things I love most about Georgia: the beautiful land and ancient sites, the sense of love and community among the people, and of course, my students! -Mikkela Blanton

Enjoy your summer, everybody!  Keep checking in every week to hear about what we’re up to and we always love hearing from our readers, so don’t be shy about commenting!

Yours Truly,

The TLG Blog Team