New Theme Pages

Posted on August 17, 2012 by


Now that the blog is getting bigger, we wanted to find a way to help you get to the content you want. In that spirit, today we’re debuting three new themed navigation pages:

Current volunteers will want to check out our perspectives on Lesson Planning. We have everything from lesson planning guides for beginners, advanced advice, and sample games and activities shared by other TLG teachers – and we’ll be adding even more lesson plans as the school year progresses.

If you’re on your way to Georgia you might be interested in Coming to Georgia: Packing and Preparing. The page contains all kinds of packing advice, from what to bring to how to get it all into your suitcase to how to cope with leaving so much behind.

Finally, for anyone interested in how the English education in Georgia is progressing, check out English: Georgia’s New Second Language. Data from the Ministry of Education and Science coupled with anecdotes from the various cities and regions of Georgia will let you know just what a difference TLG volunteers are making.

And of course, check out our main Navigation page for a comprehensive guide to the site!