Introducing the TLG Monthly Calendar

Posted on August 30, 2012 by


Ever find yourself wondering when your next three-day weekend is coming up? Ever say “see you tomorrow” to your coteacher only to have her tell you that that tomorrow is Iraklioba and no one has school? Ever check facebook obsessively to see if anyone else has gotten paid yet?

Do you even know when the first day of school is?

Well, my friends, TLG is about to give us all the answers – to these questions, and more. That’s right, the TLG Monthly Calendar is coming out tomorrow, and it holds the key to living out your fondest dreams, assuming your dreams rely on the ability to make plans up to 38 days in advance. Tomorrow’s calendar will cover September, while calendars for subsequent months will be sent out a week ahead of time to give you plenty of advance notice of what’s around the next corner. It will be like a mirror that can show you the future!

TLG will send this monthly calendar by email, listing public holidays, start and end dates for school, payday, report due dates, new recruit arrival dates, TLG excursions, and other important dates, deadlines, and notable events. The calendar will be printable and will contain a lovely seasonally appropriate image in addition to the above information – you won’t even need to look outside anymore to know what the scenery is like!

The best part is, unlike the Mayan calendar, the TLG calendar continues into 2013. TLG is literally saving the world from an apocalypse.

You’re welcome.