Friday Links Special: World Teachers’ Day and Tbilisoba!

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Welcome to a very exciting edition of TLG Friday Links Roundup!

First and foremost, today is World Teachers’ Day!. Happy World Teachers’ Day to us! Here’s what UNESCO’s World Teachers’ Day site has to say about today:

“On this day, we call for teachers to receive supportive environments, adequate quality training as well as ‘safeguards’ for teachers’ rights and responsibilities…We expect a lot from teachers – they, in turn, are right to expect as much from us. This World Teachers’ Day is an opportunity for all to take a stand.”

Amen to that!


Next up on holidays, this weekend is Tbilisoba! Happy Tbilisoba to us! Here’s a bit of what’s going on:

Oct. 5

National Parliament Library – exhibition of archives and photographs. Presentation of renewed cinema, theater and music halls.

Oct. 6-7

Old Town (Europe Square-Rike Square) – Abanot Ubani, Meidan, Chardin, Metekhi Bridge.

Meidan: gigantic grape wine press for everyone / folk groups, including the well-known Rustavi and Erisioni

Car show at the Metekhi Bridge

Fruit, tea, flower festivals / young poets’ night / traditional Georgian martial arts competitions

The Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art: exhibition of Georgian necklaces

Floater trip on the Kura River

Awarding ceremony of the Gala literature competition and the Honorary Tbilisi resident title

Tbilisoba will end with a gala-concert on the Europe Square

– translated from NewsGeorgia.

***UPDATE! Full Tbilisoba schedule can now be found here!***


And of course, the non-holiday links:

GeoWel Research – a Georgian research website with great, in-depth information about a variety of subjects related to Georgia.

Stop Pagination Now – here at the TLG blog, we’re proud to say that every post is loaded onto one page, every time. Here’s why.

Kids Play The Way Scientists Work – Children are natural problem-solvers – as long as you let them go where their curiosity takes them.

Britishisms and the Britishization of American English – Words and phrases from British English are making their way across the pond. Personally, I still can’t get used to saying “at the weekend.”

Plant it Grow it Eat it Learn it – What do kids at your school eat? Probably khatchapuri and chipsi from the school cafe, if anything. Seems like a contradiction in a country so rife with agriculture and local produce. This group has some ideas about incorporating nutrition, ecology, and cooking, into education in a fun and practical way!

Kids say the darndest things! – Cute funny things that kids say.


Enjoy your very special weekend!