Creating a Monster: A lesson plan how-to

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Lesson Plan: Creating a Monster
Local English Teacher: Manana TLG Volunteer: Mikkela
Grade: 5th-6th English World Textbook Level: English World II, Unit 6
Lesson Objectives/Target Language:

  • Students are able to follow directions given in English
  • Students are able to name each learned body part
  • Students are able to say “I have, It has, He/She/It has….”
Textbook, blackboard, student notebooks/paper, pen/pencil, colored pencils (optional).
Brief Description of the Lesson, Activities:

  1. (2 minutes) Introduce the unit with the warm up activity of “head, shoulders, knees, and toes.” Do two times slowly to teach body parts, and then repeat quickly.
  2. (7 minutes) Write new words on the board in English, having the ET translate. New words are the following: eyes, head, knees, hands, hair, arm, foot, shoulder, toes, fingers, leg, nose, feet, mouth, teeth, tooth, body
  3. (3 minutes) TLG volunteer leads class in practicing pronunciation of new words.
  4. (5 minutes) ET leads class in understanding of new words. E.g. “Who knows what ‘leg’ means?” Make sure each student answers at least once.
  5. (1 minute) Ask students to take out paper, pen/pencil, and colored pencils (opt.). Explain (ET translates) to students that they are going to draw a monster that you describe to them.
  6. (10 minutes) Give a description of the monster. E.g. “The monster has two heads, the monster has five hands,” etc. etc.
  7. (15 minutes) Upon completion of monster description, check for student comprehension by having students come to the front of the class to show off their monster. Make sure each student uses full sentences to describe their monster. If colored pencils were used, have students describe colors as well. E.g., “My monster has 3 green hands and 7 blue eyes.”
  8. (2 minutes) Assign homework: Ask students to draw another monster at home—it can have any number of things—and write five sentences describing it. Tell students to come to class prepared to share next lesson.
(to be filled in during/after class)


  • This lesson plan is for a 45-minute lesson.
  • Before attempting lesson in-class, discuss the lesson plan with your co-teacher and ask for other ideas/feedback.
  • Add or substitute new words depending on individual lesson preferences and prior student knowledge.  E.g. “This monster has long hair.”
    • Have fun!