Links, links, links, links!

Posted on October 26, 2012 by


Welcome, dear readers, to the list of links we found interesting this week. As always, if you find something interesting, please send it our way!

Check out some of the great photography young Georgians are producing! Galleries range from recent political events in Georgia to ancient architecture to travel around Georgia and the world.

Want to know something about Georgia? Check out Georgian Web, which has a plethora of information about Georgia—from cultural history and language to religion and music. (There’s also a great miscellaneous section where you can get the Periodic Table of the Elements in Georgian. And we know that’s something everyone wants/needs!) Note: articles are in Georgian, English, and/or Russian.

Using music to teach English in the classroom is always great. Especially with these pre-made worksheets and activities that use popular music! (Using the Beatles is the best thing, in this writer’s humble opinion. . .)

Undergraduates in British Columbia, Canada, might soon have the option to use free, online textbooks for their courses, thanks to Creative Commons licensure.

Universities from all over the world (Johns Hopkins University, the University of London, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, to name a few) are offering some of their courses online for the low price of nothing. Yes. Free college courses in the humanities, sciences, business, etc. It’s pretty great. Did we mention it’s free?

It’s not “summer reading time” anymore, but we at the TLG Blog certainly support autumn and winter reading . . . especially given the amount of free time many of us have outside of school. Check out this list of books you should read instead of 50 Shades of Grey. (It’s even in flowchart form!)

Would you pay a stranger $8 an hour to slap you whenever you were off-task at work? Even if it made you way more productive? This guy did.

Does this thriller about a couple hiking in the Georgian Caucasus sound familiar to anyone?  We sure hope not!  But either way, check it out, if you get a chance!