Teaching the Present Continuous

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Lesson Plan
Local English Teacher: Manana TLG Volunteer: Mikkela
Grade: 4th-6th English World Textbook Level: 2
Lesson Objectives/Target Language:

  • Students are able to follow directions given in English
  • Students are able to correctly use the present continuous
  • Students understand subject/verb agreement

    Blackboard, student notebooks/paper, pen/pencil, action flashcards (found with Blue Book English World II materials).
Brief Description of the Lesson, Activities:

  1. (4 minutes) Introduce the unit with a review of vocabulary words (students should already know them) such as read, swim, jump, play, etc.
  2. (3 minutes) Remind students of the basic constructions of I am, You are, He/She/It is, etc.
  3. (4 minutes) Explain, with the assistance of the co-teacher, the present continuous form.
  4. (5 minutes) Write examples on the board in both Georgian and English. Ex: I am thinking/ Me vipiqrob. What are you doing?/Ras aketeb?
  5. (2 minutes) TLG volunteer leads class in pronunciation practice.
  6. (10 minutes) TLG volunteer and LET lead class in comprehension practice using action flashcards to test students’ comprehension. One teacher should hold up a picture and say, “What is he/she/it doing?” Students should reply with “He/she/it is______ing.”
  7. (15 minutes) Play a game:
    1. LET explains to students that we are going to practice using the present continuous form of verbs, and that each student will be acting out an action.
    2. Call a student up to the front of the class.
    3. Whisper to the student an action. I.e. jump
    4. The student will then perform the action for the class.
    5. The teacher will ask the class, “What is he/she doing?”
    6. Class should respond using the correct form of the present continuous as well as the correct subject.
  8. (2 minutes) Assign homework: Ask students to write 5 sentences using the present continuous about things they do everyday.

    (to be filled in during/after class)


  • This lesson plan is for a 45-minute lesson.
  • Before attempting lesson in-class, discuss the lesson plan with your co-teacher and ask for other ideas/feedback.
  • Add or substitute new words depending on individual lesson preferences and prior student knowledge.
  • Have fun!