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Hello Dear People of the Interweb

Once again, we have been prowling, in the dead of night, when only the ghouls and the very brave and… well, and everyone else is on the internet, to bring you the very best links to the very best sites we could find. We on the blog team would like to wish you a most happy belated Halloween. We hope you were not eaten by werewolves. As one usually is on such occasions.

First up, a blog called The Young Georgians written by a young Georgian about everything and anything Georgia-related.

Ever wondered how you could improve your teaching space? Make it more interesting and more student-friendly? Teacher Vision offers some suggestions on creating an effective classroom environment.

We all know that teachers play a pretty important role in the live’s of their students, even if the students don’t want to admit this at the time, I am sure most of us have at least one teacher we remember as special and important here are some True Stories of Great Teachers.

What makes a perfect school? Taking It Global’s discussion board allows everyone to express their opinion on the topic. Perhaps you would like to share yours too?

It seems that wikipedia may actually now know everything according to an article written by Rebecca Rosen for The Atlantic . We will all have to go away from the internet for a few years so history can be made and then written about again. Although I did happen to notice there is no Wiki page for Teach and Learn Georgia… maybe they don’t know everything after all.

Are you between the ages of 8 and 25? Do you want to improve your English? Care about the environment and are a bit of an armchair adventurer? Brilliant! Because now you can sign up for the Oceans Project Georgia: Online Course.

If you’re at all like me, you like to spend a lot of time on the internet, but you also like to feel like you are learning while you do it. Now you can with Sporcle’s great quizzes. A personal favourite is naming the countries of the world. But be aware, its addictive. It’s not related to English or teaching, but it is a whole lot of fun.

So you are trying to write an essay of 1200 words, and you are stuck on 60. “Where can I find the inspiration and the motivation to keep going? If only I had some incentive…” you think. Hurrah! We have found the place for you: Written? Kitten! This wonderful website rewards you with a picture of a kitten every time you manage to write 100 words. That is 12 pictures of kittens to help you complete that 1200 word essay. Kittens! Why wouldn’t you?

We are all about the books right now in the blog team and  this link is for those of you who have taken the leap into digital book-land, and think that you are actually purchasing books not just a license to those books for your e-reader,  this is just a word of caution and a little FYI.

If you are missing that special Halloween-feeling while you adventure overseas,  then we have some great scary stories that will fill you with that wonderful creepy feeling and put you right in the mood throw your sheet over your head and go trick-or-treating at the neighbors for some churchkhela.

Well, that’s it for another week of linking . As always if you find something you think we should add to our links please email us, we are always open to amazingly cool appropriate stuff on this here interweb!