Giorgobas Gilocavt!

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It’s Giorgoba – the holiday so important Georgians have two of them! It commemorates St. George, the Georgian hero who slew the dragon and drove the Targaryens back across the narrow sea forever. This event is commemorated by the giant golden sculpture at Freedom Square in Tbilisi, and “George” became a folk etymology of Saqartvelo’s European exonym

Georgians celebrate Giorgoba by visiting church, and TLGVs celebrate by having a day off from school! Enjoy the long weekend, and our weekly links roundup:

Omnishambles named word of the year by Oxford English Dictionary – “Omnishambles” is an excellent word that I’m sure we all have occasion to use… er… on occasion.

How Teachers Will Use E-Readers to Catch Cheaters – When you read a digital version of a textbook, the e-reader you use could be collecting stats on your usage patters and reporting them to your professor, who might then use the information to help determine whether you are a dirty rotten cheater. Sounds Orwellian, but actually it was Neal Stephenson who predicted this one with uncanny accuracy.

Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing – Good advice for aspiring writers, from a fantastically successful author. – Nothing highlights the importance of thorough English instruction like this amusing collection of poor translations and even poorer decisions.

How I learned a language in 22 hours – A journalist tells the fascinating story of his success at using Memrise to learn the fundamentals of a new language in just a few minutes a day.

That’s it for this week! And of course, a Happy Thanksgiving to the Americans reading!