November Last Links

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Last links of November! Enjoy, because there will be NO MORE until December:

Linguist Makes Sensational Claim: English Is a Scandinavian Language – This is awesome! It’s like a soap opera! English grew up thinking that Anglo-Saxon was its father and French was its mother, until a tall, blonde stranger appeared with a different story. Is English West Germanic – or North Germanic? How many other languages did French sleep around with? Will English’s twin brother Frisian ever come out of its coma? Find out next week on As The World Learns!

The English Teacher – a documentary about a TLG Volunteer at the 13th International Tbilisi Film Festival! See it next week! Find out if he likes khinkali!

The other kinds of expertise – This is what blogging is all about: a non-expert on media equivocates about earlier posts denouncing non-experts in media. The irony!

Think twice before using “mankind” to mean “all humanity,” say scholars – Well, sort of. The scholars show admirable restraint by not advising anyone to do anything and only presenting the history – and current usage – of the word “mankind”… but the author of the piece clearly hates mankind.

And finally, Georgian Style: A Gangnam Style Parody. Love the marshutka.