The Things I Miss…

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It’s crazy to think about it, but my year in Georgia’s already over. I’m now back in the United States, getting all of my affairs in order and job-searching. It’s nice to be back, but I’m finding I already miss a lot of things about Saqartvelo.

I miss my Georgian family and friends, my colleagues, my students, and everyone else. But, I was recently pleasantly surprised to find out that my community has a few Georgian families, so I’m excited to meet them. But, I’ll write about that in another post.

I miss the community values—everyone helps everyone else, and people take time out of their busy days to have coffee (and whole supras!) with loved ones and neighbors. That just doesn’t happen here.

I miss my long walk home each day—40 minutes along the main highway out of town, with a constant view of the mountains. I also miss seeing the mountains draped in clouds every morning out my window. (But, I won’t miss not ever seeing the sun set! Midwest winter sunsets are the best thing.)

I miss travelling all over the country, and always finding something new to look at, something different to notice—even on the familiar roads to Tbilisi and Telavi.

I miss how safe I felt all over Georgia. There were, of course, a few moments in which I didn’t feel quite at ease, but they passed quickly. Georgia’s definitely the safest country I’ve lived in.

I miss the food, especially the (nearly-) year-round fresh fruits. And the Adjaruli khatchapuri! (But, I’ll learn to make that for myself.)

This might seem like a short list. But, every morning, I find I wake up nostalgic for another piece of Saqartvelo—so the list keeps growing. I don’t know if that will ever change. (I guess I’ll have to go back to Georgia soon!)

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