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Rainy Days are Best with a Side of Soup

January 28, 2013


Rainy days are when I make a not-so-lovely cup of insta-coffee, grab a book, and read those rationed chapters I have been holding myself back from reading. Being from sunny southern California, I find the rain is quite enjoyable… for about a day. It’s nice listening to the cliché of rain droplets hitting the tin […]

The Co-Teacher Experience

October 31, 2012


Stepping into the classroom on my first working day in Georgia was an experience that I had anticipated, but this anticipation did not make the experience any less awkward. There was this classroom full of new students jumping to their feet in order to greet their first foreign English teacher, a classroom full of students […]

Easy and Interactive Classroom Activities and Games

October 5, 2012


With the start of a new semester and new semester resolutions hanging over our heads, self-promises to be a better teacher, to be more exciting, to captive those little children’s minds and win them over so that they love English with our ever more exciting lesson plans, it can become a bit daunting to think […]