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Random Act of Kindness

May 9, 2012


Working with the police has its perks; I have Wednesdays off. This isn’t the case for all teachers of the police, but in many cases, we teach 3 days a week. After two days of sitting home without much to do, I decided to take an independent excursion to Senaki. A friend of mine was […]

The Smallest Member of the Host Family

April 10, 2012


I love cats! I have grown up my entire life around cats, and after living abroad for 5 years, I have finally found a family internationally who has a cat. Japanese families may have small dogs, but that’s about the only pet you will find in their homes. South Koreans hate cats and are oftentimes […]

Unexpected Friendships

April 3, 2012


After living in Kuwait where it was very difficult to get to know Kuwaitis, I came to Georgia with few expectations of meeting and becoming friends with many if any Georgians. I didn’t give Georgia enough credit; the people here are, overall, amazingly friendly. I have found Georgian friends in the most unexpected places – […]

Politsia Mas (Police Teacher)

April 3, 2012


Upon coming to Georgia, I was under the impression that I, like my colleagues, would be teaching at a public school. The group of TLGers I arrived with, however, was offered the opportunity a few days into our orientation to apply for a position to teach police officers. I, along with a dozen or so […]

Georgia v. Russia

March 28, 2012


At a politically-charged rugby match on Saturday March 17, Georgia smashed their long time opponent Russia 46 to 0. It was the first match Georgia and Russia have played on Georgia’s soil since the 2008 war. Some friends and I were lucky enough to be present for this legendary game. But it was not an […]

Meeting Shashkin

March 21, 2012


As we walked into the Hotel Marriott to meet the Minister of Education, Dimitri Shashkin, I was relieved to note the relaxed nature of how he was dressed: sweater, jeans, and hiking boots. After being told to dress business casual and, specifically, to not wear tennis shoes, I was nervous that the meeting might be […]

How Would You Celebrate?

March 19, 2012


March 8, International Women’s Day, is an official holiday in Georgia. That being said, from personal observations, it appears as though it is celebrated very similarly to Valentine’s Day; women are given presents for being women. I am used to celebrating the independence and strength of women on International Women’s Day, so with this day […]