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Interview with Dato Tsomaia, Georgian Rock Star

September 24, 2013


Through a Georgian friend I met Dato Tsomaia, the drummer from the popular band LOUDspeakers. The band has a new wave indie sound with deep, dark undertones. Think Interpol-meets-Joy Division. I wanted to find out his thoughts on the Tbilisi music scene. Dato speaks English fluently and provided all the answers himself. Interviewer: Please introduce […]

Wet Winters in Georgia: Short Impressions

April 22, 2013


Early mornings, as I get ready for the upcoming school day, the smell of faint embers is crisp in the air these days.  It’s spring already, and wet rainy musky odours mix with that of burning cornstalks in the fields behind the house as the farmers prepare their fields for the upcoming season of planting.  […]

Of Matriarchs and Men: an interview with a school Director.

March 11, 2013


    An interview with Zanati Public School’s school director and literature teacher, Manana Tediashvili. Georgia is a land of local flavouring, from its villages dotting the sweeping hillsides and rugged mountains right on up to its administrative and governing styles.  As an English teacher attached to a tiny village school, I’ve been repeatedly impressed […]