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Georgia’s fiery water

September 25, 2013


Almost every country has a signature drink that can be divided into one of two categories. First, it can be smooth and pleasing to the palate, appealing to the senses and tasting delicious. Second, it can take your breath away, leaving you gasping for air and your esophagus feeling like it’s been burned by a […]

Miscommunication Mishaps

May 1, 2013


Coming to a country where both the language and the alphabet are unknown to you is a mission many may find daunting.  Regardless, all of us TLG volunteers took the metaphorical plunge, packed our bags and came to Georgia, after explaining to everyone back home that it’s the country, not the state in the USA. […]

Spring babies abound

April 24, 2013


Birds are singing, the sun is shining and it’s obvious that Spring has arrived in Samegrelo, Georgia, though  TLG volunteers in Kakheti and Adjara may beg to differ. But, clichés aside, everywhere I look in my village, the signs are all there. Fruit trees are blossoming, the snowy blanket covering the mountain tops is rapidly […]