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Expectations, Family and Acceptance

June 11, 2012


Walking down Telavi’s high street to the main bazaar with my friend, just so that we can get a particular brand of ice-cream, knowing what type of ice-creams are sold in many of Telavi’s shops, and then bumping into people that I know, makes me feel as if Telavi has become like another home. I […]

Teachers Can Be Students

June 3, 2012


Lately, the most popular topic of discussion in the staffroom has been the National Exam that teachers need to take by 2014; otherwise they will be out of work. Most of the teachers in my school are 50+ in age and most of them agree on one point that this exam is unnecessary. It seems […]

English: A Georgian Language?

May 29, 2012


Over four months into my one year TLG placement in Telavi, I have noticed that although there are English speakers in this city, Georgian is the language of the majority. When I moved in with my host family, my host mother was communicating with me in English mostly; nowadays, she uses more Georgian compared to […]

When milking a cow isn’t enough

May 11, 2012


In my relief and joy at arriving in Giorgeti after a difficult marshrutka ride, I stepped out of the vehicle, noticed the idle group of people sitting along the road, and hugged my friend; the marshrutka started to drive off. But then it stopped and reversed towards us. I wondered why? I think every single […]

Living it up

March 16, 2012


So, a few weeks ago at dinner, as I simultaneously seated myself and reached out for my piece of shotis puri, my eyes started to absorb the fact that besides the pile of four-inch long pieces of bread, my pat’ara phinjani of hot rdze, karaqi, taphli, qkhveli and home-made muraba; there was a small tray […]