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Tbilisi Unbound

July 21, 2012


Even before I arrived in Tbilisi the first time, for a week’s vacation in July 2007, I was telling people that the city would soon become the next Prague — a down-on-its-luck former imperial metropolis freed after communism evaporated to be reborn as a destination for expats and bohemians, history buffs and hipsters, and generally […]

The Georgians’ Language

May 2, 2012


The Georgian language is old. It’s unrelated to other languages. It has an aorist tense, whatever that means. “Mankana” means both “car” and “machine”. These are things you can learn from books. But the first thing you really notice about the Georgian language, after the briar-and-burdock alphabet, is that it’s impossible to pronounce. Until you […]