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Tamar the Great and Patriarchal Georgia

April 17, 2013


Tamar the Great ruled in Georgia from 1184-1213, the Georgian “Golden Age.” She is called Queen Tamar the Great by some sources, but during her rule she was referred to as “მეფე,”  or “King.” I have been fascinated with Queen Tamar’s reign since I first heard of it at orientation. As an American woman living […]

Expectation Vs. Reality

March 14, 2013


My orientation to Georgia took place 5 months ago at the Bazaleti Hotel in Tbilisi. The 108 other new volunteers and I stepped off of a 36 hour travel day at the tender hour of 4 a.m. and after patchy sleep schedules, blood tests, and our first purchases with lari and visuals of the Georgian […]