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Three Months and Improving Rapidly: English in Gurjaani

April 12, 2012


Even though I’ve only been in Georgia for about three months, I’ve noticed spoken English improving not only among kids at school, but among people in town as well. For the most part, people in my Qartuli home, the town of Gurjaani, are accustomed to having foreign visitors. (I am the sixth volunteer English teacher […]

Adventures in Food.

March 28, 2012


It was a chilly February day—the sort where, even when the sun’s shining, the air cuts through layers upon layers of down and wool . . . and no matter how many clothes you have on, you’re still cold. I tromped into my house’s entry after a long day of school (five lessons), shook off […]

A Month of First Impressions

February 23, 2012


People are right when they say culture shock kicks in after a month or two. My bright-eyed ‘everything-is-new-and-wonderful’ stage is over, and I’m starting to miss the United States and wonder why on earth I chose to come here to Georgia. And then, as I walk through the hallways at school, I’m accosted (an exaggeration, […]

Gamarjobat from Kakheti!

January 27, 2012


[Editor’s Note: We at the TLG Official Blog are ramping up our guest posting program. Last week we heard from our first featured guest blogger, choppa481, who posted Three Days in Georgia. This week, littlemisslennon makes her debut with a personal introduction and some initial thoughts about TLG. Check back regularly, because starting in February […]