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English World 1 Review Game: “Who am I?”

June 4, 2012


My friends and I joke that because the English World books are being used throughout the country, within one generation “teddy (ტედი)” will become the Georgian word for a stuffed bear toy, and “Mr. Jolly” will become as much of a household name as Mickey Mouse. But this prevalence can certainly be played to our […]

English Demand in Georgia

April 4, 2012


Sometimes I’m tempted to ask myself the question, who brought a love of English to the schoolchildren of Georgia first: TLG’s volunteers, or Pitbull, Adam Levine, and Michael Jackson? Every day I walk into my 4th-6th grade classes, one of my students is singing some popular song; this week’s feature was ABBA’s Dancing Queen. English […]

Just Dance

March 5, 2012


People ask me how I first heard about Georgia. It’s usually simplest to continue the conversation by just mentioning “oh, some friends in uni were Georgian,” but that is a half-truth. My best friend traveled to Georgia with these Georgian friends one summer in university; when he returned, his excitement for this newly-discovered land could […]