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“Why, Pedro, why?!” – Host Family Lesson Ideas

December 3, 2012


Many a TLG volunteer spends a few evenings a week teaching their host siblings (and sometimes host parents!) English lessons. The lesson contents and styles vary depending on the interests and needs of the students – some lessons focus on homework help and reviewing school lessons, others expand into unknown nether regions of slang or […]

Supra Survival Tips

October 27, 2012


Supras are one of the many challenges facing TLG volunteers, especially if one is placed in a village.  As most of you know, a supra is a huge feast in celebration of something, led by a tamada (toastmaster) in which everyone eats their weight in food and toasts everyone and everything with never-ending wine and […]

Cheek-Pinching Good: First Week of School

October 7, 2012


My first week of school was a strange twilight zone; not only was everyone convinced I was a new student, but no matter what sort of schedule I though I had worked out, the next day I would arrive to find it changed. There was a lot of sitting in the teacher’s lounge, a lot […]

My Spoiled Life

September 28, 2012


In training week we are presented with a lot of worst-case scenario situations and, of course, how to handle it. By the time we were waiting to meet our host families, I was preparing myself for the worst, girding myself for battle, as it were. I arrive at my school to find they had a […]