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Questions of Success

May 31, 2012


As the year winds down and the end of my TLG contract draws nigh, I find my thoughts drawn in two very different directions. On the one hand I am constantly looking forward to when I am home—what foods I will eat, friends I will see, gardens I will plant, and other projects I will […]

The Bazaar Experience

April 29, 2012


The change was subtle put palpable. The watermelons, blackberries and pears had given way to fresh, full ears of corn, peaches and apples, which in turn yielded to the sparser fare of fejoias, the last of the fall vegetables, and the early tangerines. The succession continued in the full bloom of tangerine, lemon, and orange […]

From the Window of a Moving Train

March 1, 2012


One warm, clear September day I emerged from the Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park, looking and smelling like someone who had just spent the past three days trudging through the woods, facing rainstorms, creek-crossings, gruff cattle-herders driving their herds across mountaintop meadows, and all of the other peculiarities of hiking in Georgia. I made my way through […]