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Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

June 17, 2012


Standardized tests are a) unchallenging, b) impossible to cheat on, c) rigged, d) only theoretical, or e) all of the above I have neither seen nor learned what exactly is on the tests that people take in Georgia so what I say can only be taken with a grain of salt, but since there is […]

Georgian Is As Georgian Does

June 7, 2012


Exactly one year ago, I was going over my checklist of things to pack for Georgia and wondering what the heck I had decided to do. My mom had already told me her fears for me: that I would be sold into prostitution, kidnapped by Russians or bride-napped by an old man. I myself didn’t […]

Common Sensical Advice

June 5, 2012


Georgian classrooms are quite different than most American classrooms I’ve ever been in. The classes can be huge here (up to 35 students – too many!), some kids will never have proper materials for class and even the most disciplined classrooms oftentimes require one to shout to be heard. Most of the time kids don’t […]

English in the Caucasus

April 30, 2012


Is English becoming Georgia’s second language? If I went around my village or even the neighboring towns not many people would even understand this question. So I guess that’s a no. But will English soon BECOME Georgia’s second language? That’s probably a huge yes! I think while most people would agree that Georgia is not […]

Aghdgoma or Bust

April 28, 2012


What do late night cemetery rendesvous, toy guns, inter-village judo tournaments and drunk driving all have in common? If I told you that it was Georgian Easter would you be surprised? I would have been, until I experienced it myself. If I had to summarize my Georgian Easter experience in one word, it would be […]

The Borjomi Debacle

April 1, 2012


And the cautionary tale begins like this: the weekend I planned to go to Lagodekhi to hike, the town flooded. Rather than risk hiking in the cold, wet rain and mud, my two friends and I changed our plan at the last minute and went to Borjomi instead. Little did we know that we would […]

The Ever Elusive English Club

March 6, 2012


Upon arrival in Georgia, I had certain expectations for what school would be like. I knew I’d be taking part in classes and I assumed that I would be starting an English club at some point, because that’s what volunteers do. It would be an amazing English club because I had tons of ideas for […]