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When Lesson Plans Go Awry…

June 2, 2012


Even the best laid lesson plans for class can instantly go awry. Any number of factors can impact a lesson plan: weather, illness, a supra suddenly materializes, or the electricity goes out and the estimated time of its return is a rather vague “sometime tomorrow.” These are just some of the examples of things that […]

A Friendship Courtesy of a Lobiani

April 27, 2012


Repeatedly in Georgia, I’ve learned that saying “დიახ” (yes) can bring great rewards. Often when saying “დიახ” isn’t what I want to do, I remember the lobiani that started a friendship and what I’ve experienced because of that. Consequently, I usually say yes. One of the most interesting friendships I’ve formed during almost 2 years […]

The Growth of English Popularity in Georgia: A University Perspective

April 13, 2012


Last month an interesting announcement was made in Georgia regarding English language education: almost 75% of students opted to take the university entrance foreign language exam in English, a marked increase over previous years. As a TLG teacher placed at a university, there is definitely a different attitude about English between even university freshmen and […]

The Khachapuri Index

April 11, 2012


“Wait…what? Khachapuri Index….? Is this for real? No…it can’t be!” I quickly closed the newspaper and turned to its cover to ensure that I was indeed reading Financial, an English-language business newspaper in Georgia. I was sure I was, but The Onion-esque article I had just encountered made me do a double-take and double check. […]

Georgia to Turkey: A Guide to the Sarpi Border Crossing

April 6, 2012


With the long Easter holiday less than a month away, opportunities for both domestic and international travel abound. An easy and popular destination for those in Georgia is Turkey, especially Istanbul. Istanbul can provide great value to the budget conscious traveler. Quality hostels abound, and excellent food and the iconic Turkish tea can be purchased […]

American Baking in Georgia

March 2, 2012


It goes without saying that food is central to Georgian culture and life, and the gastronomy here is something that all Georgians honor and revere, while being more than willing to share it with others. Moreover, if someone arrives in Georgia and doesn’t have khatchapuri within a few hours of arriving, something is definitely wrong. […]