Coming to Georgia: Packing and Preparing

Coming to Georgia? Want to know what to bring? Let us be your guide.

First and foremost, look at the TLG Manual. Pages 11-14 have specific information about clothes, personal items, medical supplies, money, and other things you may or may not want to bring.

Bruna (Class of 2011) gives us a dose of humor and some very practical Tips for prospective TLGers

The TLG Blogging Team 2012 lists all the Things We Wish We’d Known before we came to Georgia.

If you want to bring some personal items that are small, easy to pack, and perhaps inconvenient to try to find once you get to Georgia, Don’t Forget the Dental Floss.

Happiness is all in your mind, and your life is what you make of it. For more Zen-ish revelations, why not Experience Georgia.

Just in case you happen to end up in a remote mountain village, you might want to consider bringing An Unlikely Companion on your journey.

External Links:

The Footprints Georgia Forums are a great place to ask questions and read previous discussions about what to bring and how to prepare for Georgia.

Electricity in Europe has all you need to know about electricity and the different plugs, adapters, and other products that will make your electronics work (or not work) in foreign countries. Read it carefully and heed the warnings – several TLGVs have lost electronics from inappropriately using power converters. Please note that plug adapters can be found easily in Georgia.

Bonus Video: A brilliant demonstration of wrinkle-free packing using’s “bundle wrapping” technique:

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