Getting Around the TLG Blog

First of all, check out our categories, on the left sidebar of every page, to get an idea of the sort of things we write about.  Our categories can also be found here.  If you can’t find what you’re looking for in our categories, we also have a search bar that searches all posts on this blog.

Our About page has some basic information about TLG and this blog, and our People page has pics, bios, and links for each of our authors.  Our Home page has excerpts and links for our most recent posts and an inspirational Quote of the Week from one of our favorite posts.

Finally, check out our theme pages, with links to advice, guides, and articles about the following topics:

Lesson Planning: Lesson planning guides, sample lesson plans, games, and activities.

Coming to Georgia: Packing and Preparing: Packing lists, what to expect, how to get ready for the adventure of a new country.

English: Georgia’s New Second Language: Articles about the rise of the English language in Georgia.

External Links

The TLG website is the official source of information about the program, including application instructions, news, and faqs. contains links to the blogs of teachers, TLG Volunteers, and other educators across Georgia.

Check out our Useful Links page for more!

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