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“Georgia? What, like, the state?” My Top Three Reasons for Volunteering in Georgia-the-Country-not-the-State

December 4, 2012 by


A year ago, when I told people I was moving to Georgia to teach English, I was met with one of three reactions: a blank stare, a “What, you mean the state…?”, or, every so often, a “Wow, good for you! My [friend/relative/close acquaintance/person I met once at a dinner party and haven’t seen since] […]

Just Dance

March 5, 2012 by


People ask me how I first heard about Georgia. It’s usually simplest to continue the conversation by just mentioning “oh, some friends in uni were Georgian,” but that is a half-truth. My best friend traveled to Georgia with these Georgian friends one summer in university; when he returned, his excitement for this newly-discovered land could […]