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The Final Countdown

June 13, 2012


Okay that may be a little premature but I come from a drama background, and well, it doesn’t get more dramatic than that.  I have a little over two weeks left in საქართველო (that’s Georgia to the people playing at home).  That means one last weekend with my host family and one in Tbilisi. Did I […]

აქ მე ვარ ძია!

May 5, 2012


This weekend I went with TLG on an excursion.  This is a trip they put on to some of the big historical places in the country to help thank us busy teachers see the history Georgia has to offer.  Friday I headed over to Tbilisi on a marshutka after finding out the night train was […]

Why Accuracy Matters

April 22, 2012


With the utmost respect for the advocacy of teaching for fluency, I have to disagree with it on several points.  Fluency advocates would have you believe that I strike at them from some nebulous, undefined concept simply known as “accuracy”.   Oh so poorly defined and even less understood, but I believe that anyone that […]

Rainy day lessons

April 8, 2012


One of the idiosyncrasies of Georgian life (in the village at least) is that school can be quite a walk.  Now, nobody likes to walk in the rain or snow, so that means when the weather is bad, I’m lucky if I have half of my students at school that day.  If it’s a really […]

Like Family

February 24, 2012


I have now been in Georgia for over a month.  I’ve been integrating well with my host family (who is really awesome).  I have two host brothers aged 14 and 17, my host parents and grandmother.  My eldest brother speaks pretty decent English, and the younger one usually understands me but he is very shy […]

Three days in Georgia

January 20, 2012


My third day in Georgia is coming to a close and after being able to go out into Tbilisi tonight, I feel I can share my first impressions of the people and culture of Georgia and TLG. 1) TLG is quite the undertaking by the Georgian government.  They are wanting to brings thousands of English […]