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Leaving the Nest

June 19, 2012


Living in Georgia amplifies the strangeness of time… endless village afternoons playing nardi at the birzha have a twilight effect and suddenly you’re looking back wondering what in hell fire that whirlwind of soupras and marshrutkas was all about. These first 18 months were like the first 18 years of life on crack. God bless […]

Home Away from Home aka Things My Fathers Say to Me

May 4, 2012


There are two uncomfortable guarantees in ever traveler’s life: culture-shock and homesickness. Every traveler who stays away for some extended period of time will experience the joys of homesickness at some point and depending how long you stay away you may experience it on several occasions. What is frightening is when you are away long […]

Under the Mountain under the Stars

April 1, 2012


Living in Georgia will definitely change your ideas about vacation. Words like comfort, adventure, and safety begin to melt like a Dali painting or lose their meaning completely. Things you may have never considered doing become not only normal but altogether every day. This is about the time that hitchhiking through Nagorno-Karabakh with nothing more […]

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

March 13, 2012


During our first week in Georgia Ministry trainers advise us in no uncertain terms that the three dangerous topics: sex, politics, and religion should be avoided at all costs. This is a wise policy but somewhat unlikely and impossible given our post as cultural ambassadors and the local population’s intrigue about our aims and actions […]