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Georgia’s three most legendary mountains

October 30, 2013 by


For many tourists coming to Georgia the primary activities consist of a cultural tour of Tbilisi, centered around the Old City and Rustaveli Avenue, and then a trip to the Black Sea. Fewer are interested in the magnificent peaks of the Greater Caucasus, which is a shame, considering that the peaks of Georgia and Russia […]

Get Out of Kazbegi

May 23, 2013 by


With the numerous vacation days in early May and the fast approach of summer many volunteers will be traveling throughout Georgia. Batumi, Svaneti, and Kazbegi are top locations for everyone’s itineraries. I’ll provide a description of the last one, and why you should get out of Kazbegi to explore the lesser known routes around the […]

My Family in Georgia…

December 12, 2012 by


I was lucky enough to spend two weeks of November with my family. My parents had come to visit me in Georgia, I think they came because of all the stories I had told them and out of sheer disbelief that they were true. So they had to see it for themselves and at least […]

Reasons I left home

December 11, 2012 by


I have heard this question countless times since I first arrived: What brought you here? What’s here that’s not in America? Why Sid, why??? Of course, I left home with a general idea of what I was doing and what I planned on achieving once I arrived, but I never formulated my reasons into concrete […]

Interview with a Tourist

December 9, 2012 by


This October, my mother came to visit for ten days! She agreed to do a short interview for us about her impressions of Georgia. We travelled to Tbilisi and Batumi, and also toured Kakheti—we spent quite a bit of time in my host town, Gurjaani, and she visited some of my classes with me. It […]

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

December 8, 2012 by


In any backpacker’s hostel, there is a short but inviolate lexicon of questions and answers that open up an initial conversation whenever two travelers are meeting for the first time.  “Where are you going?  Where have you been?  When did you start?  And how long until the backpack goes back into the closet and you […]

my first excursion with my 7th grade best friends!

December 6, 2012 by


On Friday, November 23, I went out on an extracurricular “promenade” with some of my students, around Poti. The occasion was a national holiday. The morning sky was deep blue and a soft breeze was carrying a bitter chill, along with bright yellow and red autumn leaves, scurrying frivolously in the air before graciously landing […]

Saturday in Never-Never Land

December 1, 2012 by


It was Saturday. I was sitting in my pajamas, in the lounge when a troupe of musicians waltzed through the door, looking for somewhere to rest their heads that night. A matching set of Irish TLGers and a British one. I was sad to tell them that we had no space. They took the news […]

Interesting People I Have Met on Trains.

November 10, 2012 by


There are a number of ways to get from Tbilisi to Batumi, but the best, by far, is via the night train. It’s an eight-hour trip, but it’s overnight, which means no hostel or hotel fees! And because the train arrives at 7:30 a.m., it’s super-easy to hop over to Batumi, spend the whole day […]

Town & Country Digest With a Touch of Irony

November 3, 2012 by


On Sunday afternoons, I know that there is one thing I am guaranteed to hear in the hostel in Tbilisi: “I don’t want to go back to my village. I want to stay here in the city. Stay here with my friends. Maybe I will wait just another hour.” I know this feeling well, I […]

Banging on about Batumi (and Adjara)

October 28, 2012 by


Everyday I think myself lucky that I am in Batumi. Before flying out to co-teach in Georgia, I had packed my suitcase trying to second-guess where I would be stationed and I fully expected the worst placement possible. In my mind that equated to being holed up on the side of a mountain with only […]

The Best of: Georgia

October 23, 2012 by


The following is a list of native Georgians who have crossed my path during my residence here in the Republic. They have both aided me in my endeavors, and have, I can confidently claim, made my life better. Below, you will find my idea of the “Best of: Georgia”. (Note: Within this list you will […]

What I Did on My Summer Vacation: Part Two

October 10, 2012 by


When I wrote last, I was en route to the United States for five weeks of seeing friends and family, attending weddings, and celebrating my car’s odometer passing the 200,000-mile mark. In mid-August, I returned to Georgia—this time with my father and sister in tow! They spent ten days with my host family and me, […]

The Real World

August 24, 2012 by


The road to Tusheti was not completed until the late 1970s. The old horse road is still in use. There was an attempt by the Soviet regime to string power lines  and poles alongside this road. Both the road and the rusty power poles still exist. The road is shaped like a snake because man made […]

Georgia as a Tourist

July 19, 2012 by


Georgia as a Tourist                 For most TLG volunteers, the arrival of June signaled two things – the end of the semester and flights out of Georgia to new adventures. Most of my friends were headed back home to see their families but some were headed off to explore nearby countries. I did neither of […]