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Introducing Guy Fawkes: Advice for Putting on a Performance

February 4, 2013


British TLG Volunteer Oliver Rogers spent last semester in Village Zumi, where he wrote and directed a school play that caught the attention of his village and local media. Oliver, or Olly as he prefers to be called, created a play dedicated to the English holiday, ‘Guy Fawkes’ or ‘Bonfire’ night, which is celebrated on […]

Apple Hand Pies

November 18, 2012


Here in Chumlaki it’s mid-November, and  fall is in full swing. Last week, I was craving the apple hand pies my family in America would make during the apple harvesting season, so I decided to try  to create them in Georgia. I would love to say that I made this recipe, but the foundation came […]

Recipe: Pizza!

November 17, 2012


As much as Georgians like khachapuri, I love pizza. It has been one of the foods from America I miss most. Recently, my host sister and I made pizza from store-bought khachapuri dough. We made the tomato sauce from scratch, which I have included the recipe below, and used shredded/grated cow cheese instead of sulguni. For […]

Developing Hobbies in the Village

October 25, 2012


When I applied to the TLG program, I was looking forward to not only increasing my experience within the classroom setting, but also looking forward to rediscovering my old hobbies. After weeks of reading books that had been collecting dust on my shelves in America, I decided to explore other options to occupy my time […]

Paying it Forward

September 23, 2012


I have been in Georgia for a month, and I have been sick three times. During my orientation, everyone was physically adjusting to their new environment. Stories of people continuously getting up in the middle of night colored morning conversations over toast and coffee. My worst case of illness occurred on the second day of […]