A Thanksgiving Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan: I’m Thankful For…
Local English Teacher: Manana TLG Volunteer: Mikkela
Grade: 4 – 12 English World Textbook Level: None
Lesson Objectives/Target Language:

  • Structure: I’m thankful for…
  • Vocabulary: thankful
  • Vocabulary: Things to be thankful for (family, friends, school, home, food, etc.)
Blackboard, student notebooks/paper, pen/pencil, crayons/colored pencils/markers.
Brief Description of the Lesson, Activities:

  1. (5 minutes) Introduce the activity with a brief description of what is going to be accomplished. Show them a finished Turkey and explain to students that today they will be making a turkey too, as well as writing what things they’re grateful for.
  2. (3 minutes) Have students brainstorms (with the help of the co-teacher for translation purposes) what they’re thankful for. Lead them into the discussion with ideas like family, friends, food, etc. 
  3. (2 minutes) Explain the sentence construction. i.e. I am thankful for my mom.
  4. (10 minutes) Start the art part of the lesson! Have students trace their hands onto a piece of paper, and then draw in a beak, eyes, gobbler, and legs.
  5. (3 minutes) Have students write the words… “I am thankful for…” in the body of the turkey (center of the hand).
  6. (5 minutes) On each feather (finger), have students write one thing that they are thankful for.
  7. (10 minutes) On the back of the paper, ask students to write five full sentences about things that they are thankful for. I am thankful for my school. I am thankful for my home. Etc…
  8. (7 minutes) Have students check off their work with either yourself or your co-teacher. After they have written their five sentences, have them color in their turkey!
(to be filled in during/after class)


  • This lesson plan is for a 45-minute lesson.
  • Before attempting lesson in-class, discuss the lesson plan with your co-teacher and ask for other ideas/feedback.
  • Add or substitute new words depending on individual lesson preferences and prior student knowledge.
    • Have fun!