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Just me being sentimental, all the time.

December 13, 2012


The words of Henry David Thourea have been rattling around in my head the last few days. As I watch the calendar pages fly and the time to leave draw nearer and ever nearer. He said, “… I wanted to live deep and suck the marrow out of life, and not when I came to […]

Saturday in Never-Never Land

December 1, 2012


It was Saturday. I was sitting in my pajamas, in the lounge when a troupe of musicians waltzed through the door, looking for somewhere to rest their heads that night. A matching set of Irish TLGers and a British one. I was sad to tell them that we had no space. They took the news […]

Blogger Shorts

November 15, 2012


Sometimes, the stories we have to tell are not enough to fill a whole blog post, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth telling. I have collected a whole bunch of short stories from some of the TLG bloggers that will give you a taste of some of the funny, cute, or strange things that […]


November 6, 2012


Earlier than I am used to, I was out and about on a Tuesday. Ready to do my first interview with someone from an NGO for a blog post with a bit of a difference. I was going to visit an NGO called Mkurnali in Tbilisi. This doesn’t really have much to do with teaching […]

Town & Country Digest With a Touch of Irony

November 3, 2012


On Sunday afternoons, I know that there is one thing I am guaranteed to hear in the hostel in Tbilisi: “I don’t want to go back to my village. I want to stay here in the city. Stay here with my friends. Maybe I will wait just another hour.” I know this feeling well, I […]

To the links, to the links…

November 2, 2012


Hello Dear People of the Interweb Once again, we have been prowling, in the dead of night, when only the ghouls and the very brave and… well, and everyone else is on the internet, to bring you the very best links to the very best sites we could find. We on the blog team would […]

TLG-errific: Rodelio Socito

November 1, 2012


As something new and exciting, the blog team has decided to write blog posts about exceptional TLG volunteers. When we were given this topic, Rodi was the first person who came to mind for me. I work at a hostel in Tbilisi, and I met him just before the summer holidays when he applied to […]

There’s this kid in my class…. and other things that came to mind.

October 3, 2012


She is a perfectly beautiful child with the sweetest smile that never quite reaches her eyes. Sometimes she comes to class with her legs in braces. Her dad often waits outside her class for her, to carry her bag, and walk her home. He looks tired, but ever so kind. She comes out the classroom […]

The Very Second Friday Links Round-up

September 28, 2012


Your humble blog-team has spent another week scouring the intertron for some great content for you to sink your teeth into. We think we have come up with some really great stuff but of course, you be the judge. Enjoy.  If you are a TLGV like me, you have perhaps spent many nights infront of […]

This School Year, I Will Eat Fewer Students

September 18, 2012


I always find it entertaining when New Years rolls around and people ask you, “so what are your New Years resolutions?” I always give the most limp-wristed response I can come up with at that moment; “this year, I will try and put less jam on badgers.” But I was thinking, about starting a new […]

Is It Mandatory, Mandaturi?

July 25, 2012


There is a show called “Mind Your Langauge” that aired in the UK in the late 70s. It was about a guy named Jeremy Brown teaching an English course to foreigners. It was a comedy, and the whole show was based on word play and misunderstandings of English words. When TLG asked me to teach […]

Medical Woes and “Woahs!”

May 18, 2012


Having spent a lot of time in Georgia, I considered myself to be rather lucky that I have never had to enter a doctors office for any reason. Not solely because I am in Georgia and dealing with things related to your own health and well-being in a second language scares the pants off of me, but […]

The Word On The Street

April 24, 2012


Georgia has a fairly fresh-faced drive on, to make English the official 2nd language of the country, when I say fairly fresh-faced, I mean it’s a matter of 2 years really, give or take a few months, since they gave it a name. Which seems like a lot of time, but really no time at […]

The Sakartvelian Double Tap

March 24, 2012


When killing zombies, the rule is: always double tap. I’ve decided Georgia also needs a double tap. Maybe a slow motion double tap, but I am going back again, just to make sure I don’t miss anything. You’re confused. I’m sorry. Allow me to explain. In January 2011, I arrived as part of the 11th […]