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Welcome to TLG’s collection of lesson planning resources! These lesson plans, guides, games, and activities were created or adapted by TLG volunteers and written up exclusively for the TLG blog. While this content was created specifically for Georgian students, we think it will hold up well in any ESL environment. Feel free to use these articles in any way you see fit, and use the comments sections to give us feedback!

Lesson Planning Tips and Guides:

The Importance of Lesson Planning – Some of the benefits of planning your lessons.

Lesson Planning 101 – Just the basics.

Do I Really Have To Plan My Lessons? – Answers to common excuses for avoiding lesson planning.

How Do I Make A Great Lesson Plan? (Part I: Target Language) – Preparing your target language for a killer lesson.

How Do I Make A Great Lesson Plan (Part II: Step By Step) – How to make the most out of your step by step plan.

Lesson Planning with English World – A quick guide to planning with the English World series.

Teaching English World in English – Using the English World books as they were designed, and maximizing English speaking and listening time, yields great results.

Song and Dance – The value of incorporating songs into your lesson plan, especially as warmers.

Game Tactics – How to plan and conduct games for your classes. Includes example games and strategies.

When Lesson Plans Go Awry… – Tips on coping when something unexpected happens.

Complete Lesson Plans:

English World 1, Day 1 – A complete lesson plan for the first day of class, using the English World 1 textbook. Ages 5-7.

English World 2, Day 1 – A complete lesson plan for the first day of class, using the English World 2 textbook. Ages 6-10.

Creating A Monster – A complete lesson plan to use art to practice words for body parts along with listening, speaking, and writing skills. Goes with English World 2, Unit 6. Ages 7-12.

A Thanksgiving Lesson Plan – A complete lesson plan for teaching Thanksgiving traditions and vocabulary. Grades Ages 6 and up.

Teaching the Present Continuous – A complete lesson plan for reviewing the present continuous. Goes with English World 1, Units 11-12, and English World 2, Unit 1. Ages 6-12.

Alphabet Practice Lesson Plan – A short lesson plan for reviewing ABCs, spoken and written. English World 1, ages 5-8.

Games and Activities:

Easy and Interactive Classroom Activities and Games – 13 simple, fun, and educational games and activities perfectly adapted for the Georgian classroom environment. This post is a must-see for anyone teaching English with limited resources.

Reading Lesson Plan – Two reading activities: one for reading/listening skills, one to check comprehension. Age 8+

In Just Three Easy Payments…! – Infomercials (An Activity for Advanced Students in groups of 3-4; best used as a game for an English Club)

“Take a little break from Dictation” – An activity that uses some messy fun to teach vocabulary.

Writing Lesson Plan – One writing practice activity and one speaking/singing practice activity. All ages and levels.

English World 1 Review Game: “Who am I?” – Review game. Conversational skills production. All ages. Applicable beyond English World 1.

“Why, Pedro, why?!” – Host Family Lesson Ideas – Fun, engaging, interactive activities for lessons with your host families.

Links to more resources:

These additional lesson planning resources were suggested to us by our volunteers. If you come across more, please drop us a comment!

10+ Getting to Know You Activities for Kids! – Excellent collection of introductory games for young learners.

From TES:
How To Produce The Perfect Plan
Getting a Balance of Activities
Lesson Planning Shortcuts (for Newly Qualified Teachers)
Introducing pace and purpose into your lessons
A realistic guide to lesson planning

TEFL Lesson Planning at TEFL Boot Camp

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